Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Loves Shattered Pride

Top- DIY
Shorts- Levis
Tights- Primark
Boots- Debenhams
Hat- Zara
Roasry- I'm not sure haha

Once I realised it had started raining I had to put my hair up and I got this bag a while ago so I thought I'd show that off too :)
Head Scarf - Turkish Market
Bag- New Look
I went to a cafe with an old friend today. It's been so long since I last saw her and it was amazing to catch up again; despite how long it's been we're still the same together :)
I bought these on my way home, I just couldn't resist spending what little money I had left haha
The tea cups were so sweet, I thought, and only a pound for two from Poundland, along with chocolate covred raisins (my one weakness!). I got this scarf and bag from New Look for only £2 each, I love the colours of both items as they're really rich and exotic looking :)

A few of the friends I see daily have been taking our friendship for granted, which I recognise can happen sometimes if you're with eachother so much but it's been getting me down and -as much as I feel guilty for saying it- I can't wait to leave school so that I can distance myself from the negativity. Which is a shame :/

This weekend I'm going up North to stay with some friends and go for a night out which should be really good! I also have a runway show in 11 days which I am so terrified for but excited at the same time! Hopefully I won't fall or anything haha.
Wish me luck!


  1. Who are you walking for?! Good luck! I love your outfit here, I've been hunting down levis shorts like yours for at least two years now, but all the ones I find are just that bit too short on me, just an extra half inch is all I need! But I do really really love this look, and your wall looks amazing too :)

    Fashion Stereotype

  2. Beautiful pictures, in love!

  3. You look great!!!

  4. I love the shirt and are so gorgeous (amazing cheekbones)!
    You just earned yourself a new follower :)

  5. I love what you've done with the t-shirt.
    By the way, I see you are from Glasgow, I´m half Spanish half Scottish!

    good luck with the runway show!

  6. You're so, so pretty! I love that hairstyle - both of them, actually. And your DIY shirt looks amazing on you.
    Hope you had a lovely day! It's always nice to catch up with friends.


  7. such great boots! i love your eyebrows too!


  8. Love this look, great style. I neeeeed to get myself some shorts like that in time for summer.

    Im following :)

  9. I see the problem from my life too, there are some people who take their friendship for granted and it's very depressing. On the other hand, it's good that you know who they really are, don't waste your time being with them try to find someone else :]
    anyways, you are very pretty!

  10. cute teacups.. i love long lost encounters with friends.. leaves u with such a good feeling.

  11. Great outfit :-)


  12. Love your style and your wonderful outfit! Great! Follow you) follow me?

  13. Adore your style and look! Great hat! Follow you) follow me?

  14. wow)

  15. You're so beautiful ! Loved your style!

    Kisses from Portugal*