Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Shopping With Mum

bralet-river island
shoes-new look

Today I went with my mum to get her hair done followed by some shopping. I picked up a bikini and sunglasses from primark and some heels from new look all for just £16! Pretty pleased with myself :)
Since then I've just been helping to decorate and studying when I can; still not heard from uni so I have very little motivation at the moment!
On a weirder note, I got a nice slouchy cardigan from a vintage store in glasgow last week and my mums fairly convinced that I brought a ghost with it. I'll just see how that pans out... haha

Dislike: Has anyone else heard of some new street light plan in the UK? Apparantly there are plans being made to either dim or completely switch off street lights in certain areas after 12am. I don't know about you guys but I really don't fancy walking home in the pitch dark, heels and torch in hand at 3 in the morning :/

Like: I can't stop listening to White Lies at the moment, probably the last one to jump on the band wagon but hey ho :)

What has everyone else been dancing away to?


  1. I love your outfit! Great way to wear lace, looks great.

  2. floral bikini = win. love that background too

  3. Thanks!
    That background would be my room haha

  4. hahhaha
    awsoem room!
    lovee what you have bought!

  5. Love your outfit choice, the top looks stunning! x

  6. you are stunning, that is such a beautiful shirt. x

  7. love that top! looks really good on ya xx

  8. Lovely, lovely shoes. Would not have guessed they were from New Look x

  9. I love your look!!!!:)

  10. Oh i hope you don't fail at making the head piece, just ask me if you need any help ! Also I love you outfit here it's gorgeous ! x

  11. like this one ! perfect outfit !